Welcome to the xKarel's homepage. xKarel is a game to learn structured programming. You manipulate with the robot Karel using simple programing language. Robot knows any elemetary commands. You learn robot more commands. Any new command is small structured program.


  1. See at description for more information.
  2. Visit xKarel's free download page. Program xKarel is binary distribute for MS Windows ® and Linux. Source codes is available too.
  3. If you want cooperate with xKarel develop, visit page about cooperation.
  4. If you want compete in xKarel's language skills, visit on-line contest.

History in brief

The Robot Karel was very popular in our country (Czech Republic - country in Central Europe) on 8 bits computer like Atari®, Commodore® etc... Robot's name Karel is first name of a czech writer Karel Capek, that first used word "robot" in his drama RUR. Richard E. Pattis from Standford's university was the first man who has an idea of robot Karel

Program xKarel is one from much todays xKarel's implementations. At the beginning, xKarel was a semestral work on the university. Now it is "open source" project.

Program xKarel came into existence in 1997 as semestral work at course Object oriented programmming on Department of computer science - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - VSB - TU Ostrava.


XKarel's programmers
Radim Dostal & Petr Abrahamczik
WWW pages author
Radim Dostal
On-line contest author
Radim Dostal
Lenka Churava (Lenka Churava) for translate file syntax.html into english language.
Team DENIO for create image on the top of WWW page (in prefered style).
Other projects
Radim Dostal - www.cestovatele.info (in Czech language)


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