If you want to take anything into a discussions forums, please describe exactly your problem. If you know an answer to any question, you may answer. Please, prefer discussions before an e-mail.

Ideas, comments

We will happy, if you say us any bugs in the program xKarel. Please, do not send your comment to our e-mail adress. You may take it in the discussion. Discusion's board for comments or ideas is here (only english language please). Bud remember, the xKarel's develop is very, very slowly. Repair any bug may take more time. Please, will be patient.


If you need help, please do not send any mail to our e-mail adress. You may take your comment or a question in discusion. The board of the help discussion is here (only english language please).

Discussion in czech (or slovak) language

We made new discussion's board for the czech or slovak users. The discussion's board is here (only czech or slovak language please).