Wellcome anybody, who want help us with a xKarel develop.


The program and all its components is voluntary work. Any operation is voluntary and gratis. The program and all its component is distribute with licence gpl. We will thanks to all helpers on this web.

Domains of help

We needs anybody, who help as with

  • translate xKarel (mainly documentation) to any languages. We translate it to the english language. But we dedicate to develop a program. We dont have any time to translate. Others languages (out of czech, english) we do not know.
  • programming xKarel. Ideally will be, if potential helper will be register a GNU developer on http://sourceforge.net but it is not a condition. The xKarel is written in C++ using a FLTK library. A content is written in PHP & MySQL & C++.
  • a propagation. There is posible to publicize any articles, critiques, recensions about this product.
  • a distribution. Licence of the xKarel allows anybody to distribute this program. If you are distributor of any CD and you consider distribute our program, please send e-mail to radimdostal (at) users.sourceforge.net. In reply e-mail we inform you about new version's time. And we would like know where is xKarel distributed. Will be sure that we do not prohibit xKarel distributions.