Main description

Program xKarel is game (maybe simple programming language). It is ideal way to learn structured programming. Robot Karel was very popular in our country (Czech Republic - country in Central Europe) on 8 bits computer like Atari®, Commodore® etc... Now we make it for todays computers. XKarel is written in ANSI C++ & FLTK library. It runs on Microsoft® Windows®, systems like Unix® (Of course Linux too :-), and maybe MacOS® (We don't have facility to compile it and test it on MacOS®). Programs is localize to english and czech languages.

Idea: Robot Karel is on the board. You make a source code for manipulate with robot Karel. Robot Karel knows elementary commands as "Move", "TurnLeft" etc... (see syntax rules). You can make new commands (procedures) from known commands. Example source code:

Procedure GoToWall 
     while not isWall 

Do you thing, that it is simple? You make mistake! For example make program for Karel, that moves robot always to center of board. And remember, robot may be anywhere when you start your program, and board may have various size.


License: GPL
Programing language C++ using FLTK
Localize czech language, english language
Platforms Microsoft® Windows®, systems like UNIX®, MacOS® and another, where is available ANSI C++ compiler and FLTK woks correctly.
Authors Petr Abrahamczik & Radim Dostal